Gifts of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

Knowing your temperament is crucial for finding your ‘fit’ in the corporate world.

The INFP is an extreme asset to the business world because of their amazing abilities to go deep within to access the creative process that fuels their artistic abilities. For companies that rely on creativity to produce their products and services, it is essential to understand the temperament of your employees. Entrepreneurs can become better leaders by becoming more aware of their employees’ personality types and most of all, their own.

Being placed in the wrong position in the workplace can lead to constant frustration, especially if you’re highly sensitive. For example, an extremely introverted “NFP” when put in a position that involves constant external stimulation can become overwhelmed and overstimulated but an INFP will do better in a position that allows them the ability to ‘go within’ to use their gifts. Some of the gifts that are particular to the INFP’s success is their ability to access a wide range of emotions  which is extremely important to designers, actors, artists, authors and musicians. Because of the empathic ability of the highly sensitive creative, they are able to feel to what others are feeling and gain rare insight into the hearts and minds of others to create deep connections. Connecting with your audience is of course what it’s all about right?!