Lumina Learning and the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

In the evolution of temperament testing, one of the most comprehensive personality portraits in today’s current temperament tests is the Lumina Learning Profile. In the introduction of the Lumina Learning program, they state the intention of the portrait:

“The intention of this portrait is to raise your self-awareness and help you understand your behaviors. You can use this knowledge to become more effective at making things happen and to improve your communication with others.

At the heart of this approach is a questionnaire which measures different aspects of your behavior. This portrait, based on years of psychological research, will give you some indicators about how you behave, acknowledge your strengths (and how you sometimes overplay them) and identify behaviors that you rarely display. It will also make distinctions between your behavior and your motivations.”

The four key Lumina principles are:

  1. Self Knowledge
  2.  Building Rapport
  3.  Valuing Diversity
  4.  Co-creating Results

The Lumina Temperament Test uses 8 aspects to score their profile:

Inspiration driven, big picture thinker, extraverted, outcome focused, discipline driven, down to earth, introverted and people focused.



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