Podcast Interview with Ane Axford @ The Introverted Entrepreneur

To listen to this podcast titled ” Beyond Thriving as an HSP with Ane Axford” please click on this link @: The Introverted Entrepreneur where they discuss the following HSP topics:

“There are those among us – especially among us introverts – for whom emotions, feelings, sensations and the environment play a profound role in how we relate to the world. We are the HSPs, or Highly Sensitive Persons.

This interview with Ane Axford, CEO and founder of sensitive + thriving, Inc., is not only interesting, but life changing … at least it was for me. Ane and I explore what it means to be an HSP, and specifically, an introverted HSP.

We also talk about:

How introversion and HSP characteristics can look the same (but by definition, aren’t)
Why finding a label to slap on yourself can be helpful
The physiological underpinnings of “analysis paralysis”
Turning Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs on its head (this blew my mind!)
Why it’s important for entrepreneurs to move from comparison to connection”

Check out the website and podcast.