Protecting Our HSP Babies

Dear Highly Sensitive Persons,

As a highly sensitive parent, I was faced with a conflict when I started researching the ingredients of vaccines that were scheduled to be injected into my baby. I am severely reactive to chemical scents and chemical cleaners, as well as suffering from many common allergens and food sensitivities; so I wondered if my brand new baby would be a highly sensitive child and would my child react to the chemicals and allergens that would be injected straight into her bloodstream multiple times before she was 2 years of age.

What I discovered in this process would change my life forever!!

Below is a list of links to the most influential proof that I found in which vaccines are shown to be damaging thousands and thousands of children. However, what really blew me away was the first link that I posted below. It is a TED talk about Autism and the speaker is very excited that they can now detect autism in babies at a very young age so that they can get the help they need earlier rather than later. The most interesting part of this speech is a graph at 15 minutes into the 19 minute video showing two lines of babies being born…but the babies are different. The top red line in the graph depicts babies that have above average focus than babies who do not develop autistic behaviours. The red line of the above average focus babies starts plummeting as they regress into autism but the other line of babies stays functional and non-autistic.

I see a pretty clear coincidence that these babies are suddenly regressing into autism in the exact months of the vaccination schedule which includes toxic chemical injections of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, chicken egg embryos, monkey cells and MOST shocking of all…aborted human fetus’s to grow the virus’s in 24 current vaccines! Click on every link on this page to read exactly what I read!! Here is a Facebook page where parents are listing their child’s vaccine reactions: My Child’s Vaccine Reaction.

As an HSP who is highly reactive to regular chemicals in perfumes, soaps, dyes and cleaners, I can only imagine what the injection of highly toxic chemicals is doing to the highly sensitive children whose highly reactive nervous systems are being bombarded before they even had an immune system developed. If the HSP population is this sensitive to these toxins, we have a major HSP health crisis on our hands.

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