Is It Worth It?

Source: Vaccine Injury, Disability and Death: Making Space for Difficult stories

Tens of millions of vaccines are injected into US children annually and around 30,000 reports are made each year to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System(VAERS). Of these, 10-15 percent are classified as “serious” – meaning 3,000 to 4,500 individuals suffer permanent disability, hospitalization, or death. Of course, the existence of a report doesn’t imply direct or even probably causation. Furthermore, not every parent or physician who suspects an adverse reaction files with VAERS — even though reporting is required by law.

Just this month, a new medical textbook, entitled “Vaccines and Autoimmunity” was published. Featuring the work of dozens of scientists and physicians, the text was edited by Yehuda Shoenfeld, founder of Israel’s Center for Autoimmune Diseases, Nancy Agmon-Levine, President of the Israel Association for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and Lucija Tomljenovic, a senior post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia.

In their introduction to “Vaccines and Autoimmunity,” the editors acknowledge that vaccines can trigger “severe and even fatal” reactions in certain individuals and that this is of particular concern as vaccines are “administered to healthy individuals.” The editors raise questions about the trace amounts of “residuals” — such as monkey kidney tissue, detergents, and preservatives — whose safety “has not been thoroughly investigated” and decry the naïve assumption that “all humans are alike” in their immunological reactions to vaccinations. They continue: “… the fact that vaccines are delivered to billions of people without preliminary screening for underlying susceptibilities is thus of concern.”

Our state governments are quickly introducing and approving legislation that overrides the rights of parents to determine if and when they expose their children to the risks entailed in vaccinations. At the same time, according to the World Health Organization, the global vaccine market will increase in value from $25 billion a year to $100 billion a year by 2025 “becoming an engine for the pharmaceutical industry.”

Given these legal and market-driven realities, we must make space for the stories of families who pay the price of our increasingly mandated utilitarian ethic.