Your Brain on Nature

Eva M. Selhub, MD, is a Clinical Associate of the Benson Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and an instructor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School and Alan Logan, ND, is a naturopathic doctor, scientist, and an independent researcher focusing on nutritional medicine. Together they combined authorship of the book, “Your Brain on Nature” to provide a unique and comprehensive perspective of the healing power of nature.

They open their book by saying:

” Less contact with nature, particularly in one’s younger years, appears to remove a layer of protection against psychological stress and opportunity for cognitive rejuvenation. Japanese research suggests also that nature deprivation may have wide-ranging effects on the immune system.” pg 3

“We present research showing that exposure to nature-based environments is associated with lower blood pressure and reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol (and other objective markers of stress).” pg 3