The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

There is a growing population in our society of sensitive persons that are ‘different’ from the majority. These sensitivities can come across as weaknesses when in fact they are amazing gifts misunderstood by mainstream society. In fact, some of the worlds most famous creators are highly sensitive and part of the worlds fasted growing class coined by Richard Florida as the “Creative Class” in his 2002 national bestseller, “Rise of the Creative Class.” Another term used to describe this particular temperament is the Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter: the “NFP” which stands for the intuitive, feeler and perceiver. This NFP personality trait is prefaced by either an “I” for “introvert” or “E” for “extrovert”.

Ane Axford, MS, LMFT (she pronounces it like “Annie”) notes: “I am a highly sensitive person, who is also high sensation seeking, introverted, a licensed mental health and relationship therapist who specializes in working with highly sensitive persons.” In her interview podcast “On HSPs as Entrepreneurs with Marie Forleo,” Ane and Marie talk about being, in Elaine Aron’s term, high sensation seeking, and how this can lead to being multipassionate and dissatisfied with routine jobs – and even a diagnosis of ADD – but it is also a strength for us as HSP entrepreneurs.                  (Paragragraph cited from: The Highly Sensitive Creative Blog)

The traits of the highly sensitive are very much the same traits that can be found in creative types such as entrepreneurs, artists, actors, musicians and poets. Abilities such as heightened senses, the detection of subtle nuances, empathy and intuitive abilities all give way to creative ability. Because of their abilities to detect subtle nuances at levels most people are not able to, their sensitivity allows them to smell, taste, see, hear, touch and feel at heighted levels. The highly sensitive will struggle with heightened senses because they have the ability to pick up on nuances that most of the population won’t be able to detect, usually at the first moment of contact and responds physically to the environmental stimuli whether its positive or negative.

This blog aims to highlight important issues that the highly sensitive entrepreneur faces in the world today.

For a more detailed description of this phenomenon please read the following blog post by Lisa A. Riley, LMFT, Creativity Coach:  The Highly Sensitive Personality and Creative